The Volleyball MOM Holiday Gift Guide

by Hope Elizabeth Dutton | November 11, 2021


You know who is the real MVP and deserves a shout-out this season!?!

The PANCAKE in your household (yeah, we said it!) and guess who we mean?!?

WE mean MOM!!!

After all, she’s the lady that COMES IN CLUTCH right when it seems the ball is about to hit the ground! She’s not afraid to take the dive, if that’s what will save the game. She juggles all of life and everyone else’s life too. She keeps it looking seamless and easy while looking VOLLEYBALL STYLISH! She is the car-pooling to practice goddess, the purveyor of game day goodies, your walking and talking human planner, remembering whatever you’ve forgotten, and the CEO of the HOUSEHOLD!

So maybe it’s time to be on the lookout for trinkets and tokens that are functional, affordable, and fun, and in the land of VOLLEYBALL, there is no shortage of gifts and super adorbs items specific to mom to choose from!

To help all of you shopping for mom, we’ve pulled together a top ten list that we know is sure to please! 


1. Mom & Dad Gear

Let's be honest; you aren't an "official" volleyball mom until you have your volleyball mom shirt!

Pura Vida Volleyball sells adorable VB shirts PERIOD! That seriously is their THING! However, all moms everywhere want that cute VB MOM shirt or cute shirt PERIOD as she sits courtside! Who better to give it to her than her family!

Hey…do you need a little something for the dad, father, and/or husband in your life?

Everyone at Pura Vida Volleyball knows, if you put a DAD shirt in front of a dad, they will wear it. They might not buy it for themselves, but if you give it - they will love it!

2. Keychain

This blogger, volleyball mom's personal favorite!

This sweet canvas key loop helps moms everywhere free up their hands while out and about. The canvas webbing loop fits comfortably around a wrist, and it features an antiqued brass key ring and lobster clasp that makes it easy to clip to begs or belt loop. Plus, it never fails to inspire with its volleyball mom message!

3. Bath Bomb

Make bath time a blast with our incredible bath bombs!

These bath bombs are great for sore volleyball muscles, and with fabulous scents to choose from, you can't go wrong! The Natural Lavender or Lemongrass Bath Bombs are made locally by one of Pura Vida Volleyball's favorite volleyball moms, Jo Vucajnk! They make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer, and after a long day of keeping up with tournament play - who wouldn't want a few!

4. Bracelet

A bracelet can show the charm of a mom; therefore, the bracelet is one of the most important decorations for a woman, and let’s face it, could you really get through life without her?

I know I always need mine and all the women of my tribe. So this holiday season, get her a stocking stuffer that is as special as she is! Get her that volleyball bracelet that reminds her of her courtside seats surrounded by her volleyball tribe and family and all her moments cheering you on! 

5. Gift card

The PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL Gift Certificate OR E-Card…always the right gift!

With so many appealing choices and so little time to decide, why not let Mom choose for herself? This is no ordinary gift certificate. It’s the gift that opens the door to limitless options. Always the right size and color, you'll never go wrong!

6. Mom Sticker

Mom Life Sticker!

Show your mom some love with this fun stocking stuffer! It's the kind of sticker she can put anywhere as a way to decorate her life and show her passion for volleyball and mom life!

7. Necklace Collection

The love for the game doesn’t end once the competition has ended, and our jewelry is excellent year-round!

After all, don’t you want to give mom a gift that keeps giving? Our necklaces are a sure pleaser! There are beautiful and fun necklaces the mom in your household can wear even when they’re enjoying their downtime…

8. Blanket

The Super Plush Extra Soft Volleyball Blanket is so cozy!

This is a great blanket to have for indoor volleyball tournaments to stay warm. It is as bright and colorful as the positivity and optimism all moms bring on game day! Plus, it’s excellent for snuggle and movie moments! Not much more to say about that...except it’s the gift to give and receive because mom (and everyone) will need it from couch to courtside! 

9. Bags

Oh man, a mom’s love for bags and totes knows no bounds!

Speaking from volleyball mom experience, we can use them every day, from car to hotel to tournament! They are perfect for beautiful days of play at the beach, as the bottomless bag that fits all of life on the go and everything in between! Not too big, not too small, when more is more and on point every time. The large zippered tote bag with the leather Pura Vida Volleyball patch detail has the look of moms everywhere, and this holiday season, it’s the sure WINNER! 

10. Decals

It's no secret that Moms are road warriors.

This decal is the perfect gift to remind anyone who sees her coming that she is a volleyball lovin’ road warrior of a Mom. Our White Vinyl Volleyball Decals are transfer stickers as durable as Mom and perfect for her vehicle or anywhere you can think of!


This season, instead of hittin’ up mom with all your wants and needs, try serving up some gifts that send a powerful message that all her efforts don’t go unnoticed!

While super fun and rewarding, and she wouldn’t change it for the world, one of the most common feelings for Moms everywhere is how overwhelming the holidays, volleyball life, and motherhood can be - especially when trying to juggle it all!

So the holiday season is a great time to remind her that she does indeed have mom superpowers! Let each gift be a token of your appreciation and serve as a constant reminder that you see her efforts as she navigates volleyball life and motherhood! 

Be inspired to live life and happy holidays from PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL!

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