VidaVida Volleyball Season Recap

VidaVibe and a Short Recap of What Has Been Happening So Far in 2023

By. Kyle Ohman | July 15th, 2023

As another year of indoor volleyball has come to an end, and we are halfway through the calendar year of 2023, there is already a lot to look back on, and so much more to look forward to! We just wanted to take a minute to give a short recap of what has happened so far in 2023 and also say how thankful we are for your support of VidaVibe!

Your continued support of the VidaVide brand is what keeps us motivated and excited to create new products, new designs, and extend our reach to everyone else out there that loves sports and being active. As our loyal supporters already know, our brand is about more than just sports; it is a lifestyle brand that encourages people to find their "VidaVibe."

Whether you are a volleyball fanatic (like some of us are here... okay, all of us) or just enjoy being active in a number of different ways depending on the time of year or the interest you have at the moment, our VidaVibe lifestyle brand is here to help support you and help you find your personal style along the way. And, of course, help you Live. Love. Play.

So before we get into all that has happened so far this year with VidaVibe, we just wanted to say THANK YOU! Thank you for your continued support, and thank you for allowing us to be a brand that is able to give back to so many others.

What's Been Happening With VidaVibe

2022/2023 Indoor Volleyball Recap

Our team at VidaVibe went all out this year for indoor volleyball and was able to represent VidaVibe at 20 different tournaments in 6 different states! The states that we were able to visit during the season were Florida, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York (first year going there), and Kentucky (first year going there).

We set up the VidaVibe store for each of these tournaments and were the official t-shirt vendor for the majority of them. At each of these tournaments, we were able to help spread the message and brand of VidaVibe to countless volleyball players, coaches, and fans!

Teaming Up With the AVP

Moving into the sand, VidaVibe has teamed up with the AVP to collab and create some new shirt designs. These new shirts are sure to be a hit with all of the beach volleyball fans out there! So if you are a beach volleyball player, make sure to check out this new line of VidaVibe apparel.

As a team, we will also be attending an AVP event this summer and plan to give out a bunch of swag to help promote the VidaVibe brand and spread our message of Live. Love. Play. So if you see us at any of the AVP stops, don't be shy! Come up and say hi, because, who knows, you might just leave with some free VidaVibe gear.

Professional VidaVibe Volleyball Sponsors

VidaVibe clothing is worn by athletes of all levels across a variety of sports, and we are extremely proud of this. We also choose to sponsor a few top athletes in the sport of beach volleyball as well. These players are not only great athletes, but they embrace the VidaVibe lifestyle and are also great people!

Here is a quick highlight of how some of our VidaVibe athletes are doing so far this year.

Mark Bucknam - AVP Pro

Mark Bucknam is a strong up-and-comer on the AVP Pro Tour. He continues to battle it out in tournaments and, most recently, had a very strong showing at AVP Virginia Beach with partner Ryan Ierna as they qualified for the Main Draw and finished with an impressive 9th place. Make sure to check out Mark at future AVP events this season.

Kennedy Coakley - USC Trojan

Kennedy Coakley has been of the top high school beach volleyball players in the country and will begin her college volleyball career this season at the University of Southern California. USC is coming off of back-to-back National Championships, and Kennedy is sure to come in and add a lot of value to an already very good USC team. This summer, Kennedy also played AVP Miami with Ashley Pater, and they were able to qualify and make the Main Draw.

Thais Treumann - Juniors National Champion

Thais Treumann is one of the top Juniors in the country at any age level and is only 14 years old. She has won a number of national championships for varying age groups and has also recently begun playing (and winning some) Women's Open Tournaments. Thais has also begun to play some of the AVP events this season, including AVP Miami and AVP Virginia Beach, where she was in the Main Draw.

First Full Year After Our Rebranding to VidaVibe

Even though it is the middle of the calendar year, it is our first full year since our rebranding to VidaVide. We are excited to celebrate this one-year rebrand anniversary but are even more excited about what the future holds as we continue to spread our message of Live. Love. Play.

Because as always, our mission is to "serve good vibes through inspiring apparel designed for lovers of a vibrant lifestyle."

New VidaVibe Team Member

Over the last year, our VidaVibe team was also able to grow by one! Our new team member and Media Master, Catie Lowe, has been an awesome pickup for the VidaVibe team. With her skills and expertise, we have been able to continue to grow the VidaVibe brand and everything that we stand for. And, of course, Catie is an awesome person with excellent vibes, so we are happy to have her as a part of the team for that reason as well!

The Big Kahuna Collection

When you think of two things that are just about perfect, you can't go very long without mentioning beach volleyball and animals (well, at least I can't). The Big Kahuna Collection by Kevin Riley is a whole new collection of clothing that features a fun line of beach animals. It combines both beach volleyball and animals in a way that is fun, unique, and, of course, VidaVibe.

Opened Up the VidaVibe Store on St. Pete Beach

As much as we enjoy being able to offer all of our apparel online, we also enjoy meeting and seeing the VidaVibe community in person, which is why we decided to open up a VidaVibe store on beautiful St. Pete Beach. So if you are in the area, come by and visit us! We are open three days a week, so come in and say hello.

VidaVibe Recap Conclusion

Being able to look back and see how far we have come this year and, as a whole, allows us to be thankful, excited, and ready to take on the future! We are excited about the future of VidaVibe and being able to connect with more like-minded people. Our goal as a company is to serve, and we look forward to continuing to serve you and the VidaVibe community. Live. Love. Play.

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