by Hope Elizabeth Dutton | February 1, 2022

Everyone here at PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL gets pretty excited about Valentine’s Day.

After all, what better day to share our love for the game and encourage the CUPID in your household to share some fantastic Valentine's Day volleyball gifts and gear!


More of the same, only WAY sweeter, WAY more inspired, and WAY more volleyball!

These specially hand-picked volleyball Valentine's Day gifts are sure to make the volleyball lover in your household feel more heart than a heart-shaped box of chocolates ever could! 

The amazing fun PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL people (and their blogger) came up with ten things they love and are their best sellers! 

This collection of volleyball Valentine gift ideas include the coolest and best volleyball gear AND fun fact...for purchases of $50 or more Afterpay is always an option!



1. Volleyball Thread Wallet

Good things come in the Official Volleyball Threadwallets Card Wallet!

This small threadwallet packs a punch of multi-colored tie-dye fun! It works great to hold those cards you need easy access to in a quick moment. Possibly the most purposeful gift of love, as anyone can clip it to their backpack, bag, or wherever needed within arms reach! 

2. Volleyball Dog Collar

Wait just a doggone minute! It's not just the humans that love the game! Pura Vida Volleyball knows a dog or two who love to get in on the game and want to show their doggy volleyball style!

So we've come up with just the solution! Our Black & White Volleyball Dog Collar! Available in 3 sizes - so there is sure to be a fit for every ballin' dog!

3. Silver Volleyball Necklace - New 925 Silver Collection!

The love for the game doesn’t just end once the game has ended and our jewelry is great year round! 

There is beautiful and fun jewelry the volleyball player or parent in your household can wear no matter if its game time or downtime and our new silver collection can withstand even the toughest test of time.

4. 50 Pack Volleyball Stickers

Everyone LOVES stickers! They are perfect on the car, notebook, bumper or laptop. Pura Vida Volleyball has the largest selection of volleyball stickers, all adorable and something for everyone!

This is just the pack to get the household started on their volleyball sticker journey and with so many in the pack, there are plenty to share the volleyball sticker love!

5. Rainbow Pop It

Who doesn't get sucked in by a push, pop it bubble fidget?!?

What better gift for the fidgety person in your life. A Push Pop It Volleyball Rainbow Pop It Toy is the perfect way to help them (or anyone) relieve some stress! There is sensory magic at your fingertips, with this toy logic popping game. Moms, dads, kids, players, family, friends will all enjoy the opportunity to release some pop it pressure!

6. Volleyball Bath Bomb

Make bath time a blast with our incredible bath bombs!

These bath bombs are great for sore volleyball muscles and with the awesome scent of lavender, you can't go wrong! The Natural Lavender Bath Bombs are made locally by one of Pura Vida Volleyball's favorite volleyball moms, Jo Vucajnk! They make the perfect bath loving bomb, and after a long day of tournament play - who wouldn't want a few!

7. Volleyball Lover Gift Box

This inspirational MAKE IT HAPPEN BOX will make anyone's day full of love, including yourself! 

It's the perfect Volleyball gift for everyone! Inside the Make It Happen Inspirational Box you will find 6 Volleyball Accessories! Including, 1 Chapstick and Volleyball Chapstick Holder, 2 Fun Volleyball Stickers, 1 Black & White Volleyball Hair Scrunchie, 1 Stainless Steel Silver Volleyball Necklace (18"), and 1 Colorful Nail File. Make sure you grab this wonderful gift box to have all the volleyball accessories once and for all!

8. Volleyball Sock Gift Box

Wanna know how to spread a smile!? Give socks! 

Our socks are extra comfortable, one size fits most, and we have a vast selection! Know the volleyball lover that is especially attached to their socks, as they rep their style? Then Pura Vida Volleyball has an extra special gift for them with the Volleyball Sock Giftbox! The recipient will receive 3 Best Seller Volleyball Sock Pairs & 1 I Heart Volleyball Keychain! So give a sockful of love in a really great gift box!

9. Personalized Number Keychain

This is our #1 best seller for ages and there is a reason why! 

The personalize volleyball keychain is just the perfect piece your volleyball person needs to make their backpack stand out from all the others or just because you want to represent the number that is number #1 in your heart! Pura Vida Volleyball carries all numbers and it is a quick, easy way to personalize life!

10. Cozy Volleyball Blanket

The Super Plush Extra Soft Volleyball Blanket is so cozy! This is a great blanket to have for indoor volleyball tournaments (EVERYONE KNOWS THOSE FACILITIES ARE FREEZING!) to stay warm and it is bright and colorful to promote the positivity and optimism we've come to love about volleyball!

Not much more to say about that...except get it because you’ll need it!

At the end of the day, Pura Vida Volleyball wants to share NOTHING BUT volleyball love with all their wonderful Pura Vida Volleyball family. We never want to go a moment without sharing a HUGE THANK YOU! 

It is our way of sharing our gratitude because LOVE is an ACTIVE GIFT that humans share and give to one another every day!

So regardless if it is Valentine’s Day or any day...feel free to act lovingly 365 days of the year and Pura Vida Volleyball will always be there for your gift-giving needs and more! 

Want to read more?

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Be inspired to live life and don’t forget #beinspiredlivelife at #puravidavolleyball!
As always - go in love,


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