by Hope Elizabeth Dutton | February 1, 2021

Here are 10 awesome Valentine's Day volleyball gift and gear ideas that have more heart than a heart-shaped box of chocolates ever could!



More of the same, only WAY sweeter and WAY more inspired! These specially hand-picked volleyball Valentine's Day gifts are sure to make the volleyball lover in your household have emoji heart eyes only for you! 

The amazing fun PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL ladies, Jenn & Mariah (and their tag along blogger Hope) came up with 10 things they personally love and are their best sellers! 

This collection of volleyball Valentine gift ideas include the coolest and best volleyball gear AND fun fact...we’ll let you know who picked what and why!


1. Volleyball Jewelry

Mariah says, "The love for the game doesn’t just end once the game has ended and our jewelry is great year round!” There is beautiful and fun jewelry the volleyball player or parent in your household can wear when they’re enjoying their downtime too.

2. Sweatshirts

Jenn says, "I don’t know about your household, but it’s not the weather that dictates how and when the seasons change! It’s the SPORT!" If you know a volleyball player, parent or fan, who misses the game when the season ends, these sweatshirts are perfect for showing everyone what their favorite time of the year really is.

3. All Things Hair

Hope says, "Whether you just want your volleyball gal to have lots of spare scrunchies or you’re looking for something she can share with her teammates - hair ties and hair bands fit the bill! Us moms' know ALL things hair seem to be just one of the very necessary things both on and off the court!" Made from soft fabric and cords with excellent stretch, they can also be worn on the wrist, ready in an instant for game time!!!

Mariah says, "Let the volleyball lovers love for the game really shine with one of our super comfy tees." When we say PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL - T-SHIRTS COME TO MIND! The selection is endless... These shirts are not only soft but pretty too! Especially with the ever adorable and super fashionable Pura Vida Volleyball flair on each one! The toughest decision you’ll make is which one to pick, how many to buy...or heck, best yet, go for the t-shirt of the month subscription!!!

"The t-shirt of the month club will be the Valentine’s gift that keeps giving year-round and we love our shirt of the month club members and they get the VIP Treatment." - Mariah

5. Personalized Volleyball Keychains

Jenn says, "This is our #1 seller, the Personalized Volleyball Keychain with Number at our tournaments, we can't keep them in stock and so we have created our own product!" The personalize volleyball keychain is just the perfect piece your volleyball gal needs to make her backpack stand out from all the others. Pura Vida Volleyball carries all numbers and it is a quick, easy way to personalize life!

6. The Volleyball Mom Bundle Package

Hope says, "Of course the ultimate spectator needs a little extra something! Pura Vida Volleyball loves us volleyball moms and the volleyball mom bundle package is always a great pick. So treat yourself!" This sweet little bundle will get your volleyball mom life kicked off with that little extra flair both courtside and as you are running around in the community. Everyone will know you are a volleyball mom!

7. Plush Volleyball Blanket

Mariah says, "The Super Plush Extra Soft Volleyball Blanket is so cozy! This is a great blanket to have for indoor volleyball tournaments to stay warm and it is bright and colorful to promote the positivity and optimism we've come to love about volleyball!” Not much more to say about that...except get it because you’ll need it!!! 

8. Pura Vida Volleyball Sticker

Jenn says, "Everyone needs a sticker! They are perfect on the car, notebook, bumper or laptop. Pura Vida Volleyball has the largest selection of stickers, all adorable and something for everyone!" There is a Pura Vida Volleyball Sticker Club you can join for a mere $6.00 a month! You’ll conveniently receive 4 fun volleyball stickers at your doorstep the first of each month. You even get a complimentary gift just by signing up. This is a HUGE 70% savings off the retail pricing of Pura Vida Volleyball's stickers!

9. Be Inspired Live Life Bracelets

Hope says, "We produce up to 60,000 thoughts per day and believe it or not, 80% of our thoughts are negative." The "Be Inspired, Live Life” Bracelet allow you to be more mindful and take control of your thoughts by simply taking a peek at your wrist every time a negative thought overpowers you. Every bracelet encourages a positive thought that guides your inner voice in the right direction and Pura Vida Volleyball gives back with every purchase of one of these bracelets. Working hand in hand with the Florida Dream Center, a portion of every sale goes towards making a better life for someone. Specifically targeting Human Trafficking, Hunger, & Environmental Improvement. Can't get much cooler or more giving than that! 

10. Dad Gifts

Of course the Pura Vida gals have a soft spot for their guys and don't want them left out, sooo..."Let's be honest, Dad's deserve some love too!" After all, he is the guy that gives the best advice but tells the worst jokes! We must show our love for him and celebrate him being along for the ride!

At the end of the day, Pura Vida Volleyball wants to share with all their wonderful Pura Vida Volleyball family - a HUGE THANK YOU and LOVE is an ACTIVE GIFT that humans share and give to one another every day!

So regardless if it is Valentine’s Day or any day...feel free to act lovingly 365 days of the year and Pura Vida Volleyball will always be there for your gift-giving needs and more! 

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  • Mary Van Vugt

    We purchased one of the fun Valentine Shirts and got it just in time for Valentine day, they upgraded me to 2 day shipping for I could get it in time, thanks for the extra special customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abigail Rich

    Wow! Awesome read! I love how this blog was was organized and put together. I love the t shirts and of course the stickers!

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