The Big Kahuna Volleyball Collection Is Here!

The Inspiration for the Big Kahuna Line and What Makes it So Fun!

By. Kyle Ohman | September 12th, 2023

When it comes to the VidaVibe brand, we are always looking for new ways to celebrate life and be unique with our apparel options. So, when it came to creating a fun and unique clothing line with creator Kevin Riley, we jumped at the chance!

The Big Kahuna clothing line features some of our favorite beach creatures, and we just wanted to take the time to talk about how we came up with this line.

So, if you are an animal lover, volleyball lover, beach lover, or all of the above, you will enjoy this article on how the Big Kahuna Line was created!

About Creator Kevin Riley

Kevin Riley runs an Emmy Award-winning design and art studio that focuses on animation and illustrations for clients from all around the world. Kevin is also a beach volleyball lover and has spent many a day out on the beach playing the game that we all love. With both of these in mind, he was the perfect partner for the Big Kahuna Line!

With our combined visions, we were able to come up with a line of fun and unique clothing that features some amazing sea creatures and has been loved by volleyball players of all ages and levels.

So not only should you grab one or two for yourself, but if you know someone who loves volleyball, the Big Kahuna Line is sure to be the perfect volleyball gift!

What Makes the Big Kahuna Line Special

The Big Kahuna Line is special to our VidaVibe tribe for a number of different reasons, but one of the biggest has to be just the uniqueness of the characters and the blending of volleyball with each character. Whether it is the octopus being in the net with all of his tentacles or the seagulls all calling "mine, mine, mine" for the ball, each character has a fun, unique volleyball connection.

As a volleyball player or fan of the game, you can show your love for the sport of volleyball and also find some apparel that will make you smile every time you put it on.

As a warning, though, just be ready for lots of compliments and smiles from people as you wear one of these awesome clothing options!

What Sea Creatures are Featured in the Big Kahuna Line

Whether you have a favorite sea creature or just love them all the same, the Big Kahuna Line features a number of awesome creations from Kevin Riley. So we would like to introduce each one of them to you!

Mine, Mine, Mine Seagulls: Ever play with someone (or maybe yourself) who is always calling "mine" on every ball? Well, that is what these seagulls are representing, and it is a fun way to laugh about this situation.

Short Partner Turtle: Turtles may not be the tallest, but they can dig hard hits and scurry close to the sand to pick up all the shots; they especially pair well with a tall blocker (hint: the Flamingo).

Tall Partner Flamingo: The Flamingo is ready to prowl the net and block anything that comes its way. It knows that its defender, the Turtle, is behind them all the way to pick up any shots or hard-driven balls that happen to sneak by them.

Nice Flipper Dolphin: The Dolphin is always ready to reach out and use its flipper to get any ball up. It covers a ton of ground and is able to make a diving play to save the rally.

No Net Octopuss: With its eight tentacles, the octopus is always getting into the net, but maybe not always wanting to admit it. And while No Net Octopuss may have the occasional net touch, they are still a force at the net with their eight tentacles!

Soft Serve Sea Cow: Know for its soft serve and love for ice cream, the Sea Cow loves hanging at the beach and playing some volleyball with all the other sea creatures. And even though the serve may be soft, get ready for it to move in the wind!

Spike Shark: There is always that one player who loves to try and spike anything in sight, and that is what Spike Shark is best known for as well. If there is a ball close to the net, you better watch out with Spke Shart around!

Bad Hands Crab: With a fun take on players who argue about their hands no matter how bad a set comes out, Bad Hands Crab is here to shine. But even though Bad Hands Crab may have a double or two, he is still a really good player and ready to make some amazing sets.

What Items are Offered in the Big Kahuna Line

With all of the featured character illustrations above, you can find the perfect shirts, socks, stickers, and more. Whether you are looking for a shirt with the Mine, Mine, Mine Seagulls or some socks with the No Net Octopuss, we have a number of different apparel options in the Big Kahuna Line available.

Along with clothing, you can also show your love to any of these amazing sea creatures in sticker form as well. With several different Big Kahuna stickers available, you can find the right one for you and show your love of volleyball with a unique and fun sticker!


We love the new Big Kahuna Line here at VidaVibe, and many of you have already shown your love for it as well! We are always looking to provide new ways for our VidaVibe Tribe to show their love for the sport of volleyball, so this project is one that we really enjoyed.

So, as always, Live. Love. Play., and maybe do it in one of our new Big Kahuna apparel!

Check the collection out here >

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