PINCH ME! Volleyball Luck!

by Hope Elizabeth Dutton | March 01, 2021

In life, it’s important to have a few things we can rely on: 

1. Friends who pick up the phone when we call, 

2. A trusted place to get great take-out pizza, (I'm currently hungry...) 


3. A perfectly broken-in t-shirt that somehow always manages to be exactly what we want to wear...

These days, finding everyday comforts (and reasons to smile) is more important than ever before, and with PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL’s great colors, adorably designed, personality-packed, themed t-shirts honoring all the volleyball feels and fun seasons -- these 100% cotton conversation-starters are guaranteed to lift your spirits! 

This leads me to the super adorbs t-shirt that recently caught my eye!!! 

Say HELLO to the GREEN GOODNESS t-shirt that Pura Vida Volleyball has recently released featuring the SHAMROCK! 

Because unless you’ve been living under a Blarney Stone (which I doubt) you already know that March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day.

It’s the one day each year that everyone and anyone gets to call themselves Irish – if not by birthright then at least in SPIRIT!


Pura Vida Volleyball can get this to you just in time to keep you click that picture and pick one up...

...and keep yourself from getting PINCHED!

You might not be Irish but...who doesn't want to feel lucky...especially when you're court-side cheering on your favorite team?!?

Well, you and your team will for sure be LUCKY if you are the people sporting the “LUCK of the IRISH” green shamrock volleyball shirt, especially come March 20-21 at the “March Mayhem” in Tampa Florida! 


Did you know Leprechauns are one reason you're supposed to wear green on St. Patrick's Day -- or risk getting pinched?!? The tradition says wearing green makes you invisible to leprechauns, which like to pinch anyone they can see.

You may not believe in leprechauns, nor find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...but it might just be the little extra luck (besides hard work) that helps your girls walk away with a medal! 

Regardless if you decide to enjoy a touch of Irish fun or check out Pura Vida Volleyball’s other t-shirts, you’ll never be disappointed with their style!

As the saying goes, “trends come and go, but style is forever” and this means that what most people wore years ago may no longer be in fashion but if a person has an eye for style, they’ll know how to always look timeless! 

Well...this is the perfect saying to apply to Pura Vida Volleyball’s t-shirts because they design nothing but the most stylin’ beach, coastal, volleyball looks...and you’ll look court-side fresh both now and for years to come! 

Click here to check out all EIGHTY-EIGHT (yeah, you read right - 88!) t-shirt possibilities! Speaking from oldest daughter has shirts from Pura Vida Volleyball going back to a 2015 Gasparilla and they are as timeless now as they were then...

So whether you claim to be Irish, at least for the day, while you CHEER your team on or sport a Pura Vida Volleyball shirt as you run around town, you'll confidently know you're volleyball style approved! 


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