VidaVibe Volleyball Ambassador Program Opportunity

By. Kyle Ohman | August 17th, 2023

We are excited to announce some new and fun changes to the VidaVibe Ambassador Program! These changes will help provide more incentives to our brand ambassadors, which will result in higher commissions and more VidaVibe gear for you!

The biggest changes are an increase in commission on sales and a tier system that will help you earn more VidaVibe swag and gear.

Our goal has always been to help inspire volleyball enthusiasts to Live. Love. Play., and we are proud to continue moving forward to help volleyball players of all levels become ambassadors of our brand.


Increased Commission and a New Tier System

In the past, our ambassadors have been able to make 10% commissions on any sales that their code generated, but we decided to increase that commotion rate to 15%-20%, and potentially even 30%, based on our four-tier system.

The increased commission on each sale will help you with any fundraising effort you may have, as we are always looking for ways to help our ambassadors out.

Along with improved commission percentages, we have also created a four-tier system where ambassadors earn swag and merch on top of the commission made. This will allow you to wear some of the great products that you are an ambassador for and give you even more reason to encourage your friends, family, and volleyball lovers to use your VidaVibe Ambassador Code.


Breakdown of the VidaVibe Ambassador Tiers

We are really excited about our new four-tier system that will help encourage and inspire VidaVibe Brand Ambassadors to earn even more money from our program. Here is the breakdown of the different tiers and how you can become a tier-four VidaVibe Brand Ambassador.

Tier 1 Ambassador Program:

  • 1 Sale = Celebrate your First Sale with a Free Sticker and Accessory
  • *Minimum order of $15*
  • 20% Commission on the purchase made with your ambassador code

Tier 2 Ambassador Program:

  • 3 Sales = Free VidaVibe Graphic Tee
  • *Minimum order of $15*
  • 20% Commission on all purchases made with your ambassador code

Tier 3 Ambassador Program:

  • 5 Sales = Free Gift Set
  • *Minimum order of $15*
  • 20% Commission on all purchases made with your ambassador code

Tier 4 Ambassador Program:

  • 10+ Sales = Free VidaVibe Sweatshirt + 2 Accessories
  • *Minimum order of $15*
  • 30% Commission on all purchases made with your ambassador code


Tips for All VidaVibe Ambassadors

If you are new to the VidaVibe Ambassador Program or have been around for a while but looking for some new ideas, you may be wondering what you can do. So here are some tips on the best ways to get referrals and start making money!

With these tips, you can start to raise money for yourself and also show others how much the VidaVibe Brand means to you.

And as you begin to get better with these different VidaVibe Ambassador tips, you can move up the tiers and begin to get more great VidaVibe swag and, ultimately, a higher commission rate!

Ways to maximize your VidaVibe Ambassador code:

  • Share your code with friends and family.
  • Include your code on your social media bio with a link to our page.
  • Post on social media in VidaVibe swag with your discount code in the caption.
  • Re-share our posts to your story with your code and a link to our site.
  • Tag us in your posts so we can re-share them and help you reach more people.


Talk with the VidaVibe Team

If you are excited about these new changes and want to learn of even more ways to maximize the VidaVibe Ambassador Program, you are also welcome to connect with our team. We would love to hop on a phone call and discuss ways to help you earn money through the VidaVibe Ambassador Program. And, of course, if you have any other ideas that you think would help you out with our program, we would love to hear them as well!

And if you aren't great at social media, no worries. Our team has been creating social media content that you can use, and that will help you get started with the VidaVibe Ambassador Program. With a few tips and some help from our team, you will be well on your way to becoming a social media influencer!


VidaVibe Ambassador Program Updates Conclusion

We love our VidaVibe Brand Ambassadors, and we want to show our appreciation through real incentives and ways that you can fundraise more money. With our improved commission percentages and four-tier system, there is now more reason than ever to Live. Love. Play., and be a part of the VidaVibe movement.

If you are already a VidaVibe Brand Ambassador, thank you so much for being a part of the family, and we are excited to move forward and help you raise money for all of your future endeavors!

If you are thinking about becoming a VidaVibe Brand Ambassador, don't wait any longer! Sign up to become a part of the family along with our 150 current VidaVibe ambassador tribe and allow us to help you raise money for all of your volleyball and sports needs.

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