Happy Holidays from VidaVibe Volleyball!

By. Kyle Ohman | December 12th, 2023

Happy Holidays from VidaVibe Volleyball!

With the Holidays comes a lot of emotions, and one of the biggest emotions for us is thankfulness for family and friends. As part of the VidaVibe Volleyball Tribe, we consider you a part of our volleyball family. Whether you have been with us since the beginning or only learned about our Tribe recently, we are thankful for you!

The VidaVibe Volleyball Brand has always been about inclusion and creating a vibe that welcomes everyone and encourages everyone to enjoy life, be active, and, of course, the fantastic sport of volleyball! 

So, with this Holiday Season, we want to thank you and encourage you to make the most of the rest of the year. We also wanted to highlight a few of our favorite things about this year and then have a quick glimpse into what 2024 holds for VidaVibe Volleyball. 

VidaVibe Volleyball Sponsored Athletes

Along with thanking our VidaVibe Volleyball Tribe, we also want to thank our VidaVibe Volleyball-Sponsored Athletes for a great year. Mark Bucknam, Kennedy Coakley, and Thais Treuman all had a great year in the sand and have been able to represent the VidaVibe Volleyball Brand extremely well. 

We wish them a Happy Holidays and continued success in the new year!


Mark Bucknam is a strong up-and-coming player on the AVP Pro Tour. He had some very strong showings this year and will look to improve in 2024. 


Kennedy Coakley is one of the top high school beach volleyball players in the country and has committed to the University of Southern California. Kennedy is already playing in AVP tournaments and will only continue to improve moving forward. 


Thais Treumann is one of the top juniors in the country at any age level and just turned 15. She has won a number of national championships for varying age groups and has also recently begun playing (and winning some) Women's Open Tournaments. The future is extremely bright for Thais in the upcoming year. 

Volleyball Holiday Gift Bundles

Along with being thankful and enjoying time with family and friends, the Holidays are also a great time to give volleyball gifts (or maybe even get something for yourself). So, if you know someone who loves the sport of volleyball, make sure to check out our Holiday Gift Bundles!

Our VidaVibe Volleyball items will have you covered, whether it is volleyball apparel, jewelry, or accessories. Everyone will be talking about how well Santa did this year!

Giving Back to the Community

Along with enjoying time with family and friends and giving gifts, we also want to encourage our VidaVibe Volleyball tribe to give back to those in need. Plenty of people are in need during the Holiday Season, and any help is sure to be greatly appreciated. 

If you are looking for a great cause to be a part of, we are partners with the Florida Dream Center. They are an amazing organization in St. Petersburg, Florida. Still, whether you live in the area or could donate from afar, they could use your help during the Holiday Season, so consider connecting with them.

Looking Forward to 2024

The Holiday Season signifies the end of the year but also the beginning of the new year and what is to come. So, as thankful as we are for this past year, we are more excited than ever for what the future holds in 2024 and beyond for VidaVibe Volleyball. We are excited about new product releases, venues, ways to give back, and so much more! 

With your help and support, the future is bright, and we are ready to charge full speed ahead!

Closing Thoughts

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much again for being part of our amazing volleyball community. Without you and your support, we would not be where we are today. That is a gift that you have given us, which we will never be able to fully repay! 

We look forward to the upcoming year and everything we have planned for our VidaVibe Volleyball Tribe! So enjoy the Holiday Season, and as always, Live. Love. Play.!

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