by Hope Elizabeth Dutton | December 13, 2022

Hey, y’all!

So the fantastic tribe at VidaVibe is well aware of how fast-paced life is, especially for the volleyball family on the go, Go, GO, and the shopping days are getting short!

I don't know about all y'all (that is southern speak for "everyone else"), but this mom just finished watching a weekend of play at the Florida Holiday Challenge, and the very fact that it is already halfway through DECEMBER seems incredible to me!

If you are a working, hustling, juggling life mom like me…then you are STILL shopping!!!

(Judgement-free zone people! 🤷🏻‍♀️)

Plus, I see sports moms in various sports groups posting questions about where to find great holiday gifts for their daughters (or sons) who are new to the volleyball world! 

I usually want to bubble over with comment after comment linking everyone to the fantastic products that involve something a little cuter and more fun that you can surprise your #1 volleyball person with!

After all, VidaVibe Volleyball has cultivated so many products that put the FUN in FUNctional. I want to shout it out…📣!!!

Yet, I try to show a little self-restraint by keeping it to a minimum.

So instead, I decided to write a blog to illustrate how the VidaVibe tribe made it easy peasy, lemon 🍋 squeezy for every volleyball shopper on the GO!

First, if you aren't on VIDAVIBE's newsletter email list or SMS text list, why not?!?

You get up-to-date emails with the latest gift releases, sales, tournament gear, all things volleyball, and MY BLOG! 😉

It makes life easier, and you can thank me later...

LINK UP PEOPLE!!! Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your email! 

Second, VidaVibe has created gift-themed bundles already prepped and ready to wrap!

I mean, seriously, there are TWENTY-FOUR bundles to choose from, and the sky is the limit! You can decide precisely the bundle that is perfect for the person or player in your house or how you want to break them down to get the most bang for your $$$! Want to utilize those bundles in more than one way? No one has to know - it is your choice! You pick the bundle that has what you are looking for! 

Want to see them up close? Get your click on!

Third, VidaVibe has created the cutest CHRISTMAS COLLECTIONS EVVV’ERRR for every player, mom, girl, coach, name it!

You can discover everything from unique stocking stuffers for everyone on your volleyball list to nifty totes and everything in between with whimsical knick-knacks, affordable novelty, and lovely gifts, socks, jewelry, clothing items, hats, you name it…anything that is sure to be a volleyball related treasure, they’ve got it!

These not to be missed items are a click away!

Plus, as side hustlin’ VidaVibe’s Volleyball Mom Blogger, I will tell you a few 📣 PRO TIP and Mom Fan Favorites,

📣 1. Volleyball Neoprene Tote Bag & Wallet Set! HONEEEEEY, this is a tried, true, and TRUSTED item that every momma can use! First off, this is a TOTE BAG, but oh, what a tote bag it is! This joker is spill-proof, yuck-proof, waterproof, can go from indoors to the beach, fits over a shoulder perfectly, and can condense down or go to maximum overload! You can easily wipe it down, throw it in the wash, you name it! Plus, it has an amazing wristlet wallet that is the perfect size! This was a last-minute purchase mid-season last year, to the eye-rolling and question from my husband, “do you really need another bag?!?” To which my sassy self replied,  “Why yes, yes I do!” Now I wonder how or WHY I never had it before! 

📣 2. The Volleyball Survival Kit! This adorable little package of volleyball must-haves that makes some of life’s necessities a little cuter and easier to reach was one of my FIRST items from VIDAVIBE back in the day! I’ve had mine for over three years, and the nail file alone is worth it! 

📣 3. Take a sneak peek at the 2022/2023 TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE HERE, so you can plan and get your pre-orders in! 🏐🗓✔️

Ready to shop? Check out VidaVibe’s APPAREL, and remember to order by December 19th for guaranteed Christmas delivery! 

Want to learn more about the VidaVibe Tribe? Check out their STORY.

Spread the VidaVibe! 


The VidaVibe Tribe & their Mom Blogger!

Hope E.

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