Who’s Behind Pura Vida Volleyball and Why We Love Them?!


by Hope Elizabeth Dutton | January 15, 2021

I have been a product ambassador for this fabulous & “fun”ctional sports apparel line for years now!

So when I reached out (at the last second, I might add) for some SWAG to give as gifts for a bonding night at my middle daughter’s volleyball team sleep over, guess who pulled through for me with the CUTEST stuff evvvvv’errrrr?!


You guessed it! 


Now, just so happened the Volleyball Gods were with me, because they were in Daytona this past weekend for one of the big seasonal kick off tourneys, so I was able to swing by their booth to scoop up my gear!

More on these adorable gift items in a minute or skip right to the links below to find them!!! 



I got to visit with the faces behind this company

…and here is the real twist of it!

Pura Vida Volleyball isn’t just a sports apparel line!


These amazing women, Jenn Cibrone (the owner) and her trusty sidekick, Mariah Embry are perhaps two of the most genuine and truly inspiring women you would ever want to buy products from!

Hence, why I am such a HUGE supporter and FAN of them.

Not only have they created this super adorable, volleyball coastal, inspired line of clothes for our volleyball community nationwide but they truly embody their tag line!

“Be Inspired • Live Life”

When I say writing for them is like writing for my new best friend…I mean every word of that!

They are the kind of women you want as your neighbor, friend, sister, and “Ride or Die!” and their booth feels like the life of the party! 

You could completely envision yourself piling in a VW Bus and taking the most fabulous road trip up the coast with them, tunes blasting, hair blowing in the wind…laughing and enjoying the freedom of “girl time”…they seriously are that cool!

They have spirit and spunk galore and I honestly can’t imagine how hard it has been for them since COVID clipped their travel wings!!!

Like Jenn said to me, “this has been a perfect first weekend back since COVID for us!!! It’s been stressful but this weekend has been so refreshing! To be back in it and to have amazing people and parents stopping by, it makes me beyond happy to see all these faces!!!!!” 

Now I don’t know about y’all but I have zero problem buying from a company that has women like that who are the face behind their product, tag line, and truly love their people!!!

I can’t speak for anyone else but I seriously notice when their music pumping, colorful, smiling, super cute, happy, high energy booth is MISSING from a tournament! 

It feels like the heartbeat of the vendors has literally stopped beating when they aren’t around...

Even my best girlfriend who tagged along with me and is NOT a sport mom was like, “whoa, they have it going on and they are the booth to be at!” 

It was a great observation and before we walked away, I think she was ready to buy more gear than I was because she found it so fun and functional!

Pura Vida Volleyball has been around since 2011, and I’m pretty sure even my oldest daughter still has all her tourney shirts...and heaven knows, if a Pura Vida package shows up at our house - she is ripping through it like Christmas Day!

So here are some other cool bits of information I have learned about Pura Vida Volleyball over the years that others may not know!

• The quality of PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL products are always amazing and each individual item has something unique to offer that sets it apart from its competition. 

• Pura Vida means “Pure Life” and after a trip to Costa Rica, Jenn fell in love with that life style and motto, so when she decided to start an apparel clothing brand for volleyball players - she took the two things she enjoy most about life, Volleyball and living life to the fullest...and ta-da’ PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL was born!

• They are building a movement to give back to others in need. They partner with organizations, like Florida Dream Center, dedicated to making the world a better place and they make sure a portion of every sale goes towards helping create a better life for others with their aim to make a difference with human trafficking and world hunger everywhere! 

I mean, let’s talk “real talk” for a second!

Our kids are going to get their commemorative tourney shirts, cute volleyball stickers and all the other “stuff we all get” so it might as well be from some women we would want as our own best friends and who aren’t too unlike ourselves.

Just some down to earth women who have families and lifestyles no different then our own...and trust me, they truly are just that awesome!

Plus...isn’t it nice to know a small portion of your money is going to something bigger?!? Afterall, their website says, “Profits from your purchase will impact someone else's life.” 

We need more bright spots in this world and Pura Vida Volleyball helps provide that! 

That’s pretty cool! 

Now...let’s get to those items in that team bonding gift! Check out these links to get directly to any of the pictured products.

STICKERS: How about those adorable stickers, always a big hit with any volleyball player!

PINS: Pura Vida Volleyball has a pin selection that can’t be beat and looks great on any volleyball bag!

HAIR TIES: Hair ties, hair ties, hair ties...(need I say more)???

KEYCHAINS: Who doesn’t always need an extra keychain, no matter the age?!?

JOURNAL: Every coaches dream, the “Make It Happen” journal to set a players’ daily focus from Pura Vida Volleyball’s “Make it Happen” line...and get the “box set” while it lasts because currently 70% off!!! 

Of course, you can always go online and pick out exactly what you like and tailor a team bonding gift, or do like I did and have them surprise you...with a little bit of correspondence (and time) - they are sure to help!!!

PS - Don’t forget Valentine’s is coming up! Keep an eye out for our top ten list of items for the volleyball player in your house. They will love the Pura Vida love!

As always...

Go in love,


  • Carolyn

    Thanks Hope for sharing this. These ladies are truly everything and more you have said. I have been buying stuff from Pura Vida for about the past 6 years. You can always bet you are getting THE BEST product and service snd smiles behind all you do with them! Love you ladies and thanks for always being great! 🥰

  • James Valone

    Beautiful! Love the energy!

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