by Hope Elizabeth Dutton | August 15, 2022

If you missed it, VidaVibe is here!

It’s your VidaVibin’ volleyball living, loving & blogging momma, Hope! So while I would love to credit the HOT weather in Florida, the HOT OFF THE PRESS NEWS has everything to do with the big rebrand!

“WHAT REBRAND?” You might ask…

On 07.11.22, Pura Vida Volleyball proudly announced to the volleyball community at large their transition to VidaVibe!

But hey, it has been summer and loads of people have been on vacay! So in case you missed it, I thought it important to carve out a little space and time for you to read more about it!

For sure PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL will always hold a place in our hearts, yet it is time to roll out the red carpet and welcome VidaVibe complete with their new tag line, LIVE. LOVE. PLAY!

How cool is it that VidaVibe will still be the “OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT MERCHANDISER” for 20 tournaments during the coming 22/23 club season!?!

They will proudly showcase the designs and merchandise for those 20 tournaments, both online and as the official vendor, much like before, only with their VidaVibe style! I don’t know about you, but this momma can’t wait!

Getting to this Moment!

So exactly how did VidaVibe get to this moment?

Because, let’s face it, getting here has taken way more than a few brainstorming sessions for our VidaVibe Tribe!

It has required vast amounts of work, exposure, development with industry experts, opportunities to work with leaders and promoters in the field of volleyball, some serious leaps of faith, and a few lucky breaks!

Let this volleyball lovin’ momma break down the quick cliff notes version!

  • 2011: Owner Jenn Cibrone went on a mission trip to Costa Rica to help mentor children. She fell in love with the culture of Costa Rica and the Pura Vida motto. Pura Vida means “Pure Life!” When she decided to start an apparel clothing brand for volleyball players, she took the two things she enjoyed most about life, volleyball and living life to the fullest, and ta-da’ PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL was born!
  • 2012: PVV was incorporated and started small, with only three tournaments at the Tampa Convention Center.
  • 2014: PVV expanded to the Northeast Region and traveled to their first out-of-state tournament. Fun fact! They drove a U-Haul cargo van from Tampa to Boston!
  • 2014: Jenn’s family grew with the birth of her second child, and she decided to take a massive leap of faith in her abilities as an entrepreneur! She quit her corporate job to focus on being a “mom” and building Pura Vida Volleyball.
  • 2016: Olympic Beach Volleyball Player Casey Patterson represented Pura Vida Volleyball at Big South.
  • 2018: PVV made its first move out of its home garage and into a warehouse space while simultaneously launching its official e-commerce site.
  • PVV found Mariah Embry, and snapped her up lickety-split! She is the “Robin” to Jenn’s “Batman” and she became part of the PVV heartbeat! 
  • 2019: PVV partnered with the non-profit “Restored to Dream” with the decision to give back a portion of proceeds and help mentor others in need, and dedicated themselves to helping to make the world a better place! Sound lofty? Amazingly, they make sure a portion of every online sale goes towards helping create a better life for others with their aim to make a difference with human trafficking.
  • 2020: PVV made their second big move and relocated to an even LARGER warehouse that included office space and a photography studio!
  • 2021: Our popular blog was born!
  • 2022: All THIS culminated with CELEBRATING 10 years in business, while transitioning to their new brand, VidaVibe! Complete with a new look and tagline: Live. Love. Play.

You may ask, “WHY?”

Which is a good question!

As with anything or anyone of us, we all evolve and constantly grow with our lives, loves and play! As a result, it was time for our favorite company to EVOLVE and GROW that is exactly what they did! 

Living a pure life is an ever changing, breathing, fluid concept, never stagnant and never dull!

VidaVibe recognized a growing demand to meet their ever evolving customers various needs and loves! 

After much thought and getting to the heart of it, they decided, what better way to reflect their pure life mission than to recognize the life vibe in all of us and enhance the beauty that already exists in each and every person’s desire to live, love, play!?

It was then that VidaVibe was BORN! 

Let’s talk “real talk” for a second!

VidaVibe is a two in one business concept! They are an active lifestyle clothing and merchandise brand that was started by volleyball players and lovers of life who decided they wanted to spread the joy of vibing to more than just VOLLEYBALL!

While volleyball will always be EVERYONE’S first love, it still stands to reason that EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of us has multiple vibes that make us who we are!

In fact, we all NEED more then ONE LIFE VIBE in order to be a complete person! Which brings us face-to-face with this amazing VidaVibe brand!


Sports mom, sports dad, surfing, yoga, beach goer, soccer, softball, football, rock climbing, hip-hop, snowboarding, gym junkie, cycling, motorcycle enthusiast, you name it? 

The list is as endless as each one of us is hugely unique…and each family is unique too!

VidaVibe intends to meet all our individual needs of the WHOLE family for volleyball and beyond!!!

VidaVibe does not want us to simply dream about our life vibe! They seek to help us define it because VidaVibe vibes with life. OUR LIFE!

Ready to shop? Check out their new APPAREL.

Want to learn more about them? Check out their STORY.

Spread the VidaVibe 


The VidaVibe Tribe & their Mom Blogger!

Hope E.


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