The Volleyball PLAYER'S Holiday Gift Guide

by Hope Elizabeth Dutton | November 11, 2021



Why volleyball gifts and stocking stuffers, of course!

Gifts are great yet stockings are also an easy way to inject some fun and whimsy into holiday gifting.

One extra clever way is to choose a theme for STOCKING STUFFERS, like all things VOLLEYBALL!

Watch their face light up as they realize it’s going to be a very merry volleyball season! 

So to help out, we’ve come up with 10 things we personally love. These gifts are sure to make the volleyball player in your household think twice about being naughty or nice!


1. Sweatshirts

I don’t know about your household, but it’s not the weather that dictates how and when the seasons change! It’s the SPORT!

If you know a volleyball player who misses the game when the season ends, these sweatshirts are the perfect holiday gift that allows them to show the world what their favorite time of the year really is!

2. Necklaces 

Volleyball jewelry can be transformative. 

It can be a symbol that reminds our daughters of their fearlessness on the court! So say hello to the idea of giving a necklace! Guaranteed to remind your girl of special game time moments and holiday memories!

3. Bath Bombs 

Make bath time a blast with our incredible bath bombs!

These bath bombs are great for sore volleyball muscles and with awesome scents to choose from, you can't go wrong! The Natural Lavender or Lemongrass Bath Bombs are made locally by one of Pura Vida Volleyball's favorite volleyball moms, Jo Vucajnk! They make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer, and after a long day of tournament play - who wouldn't want a few!

4. Luggage Tag 

Give her the gift that sets her apart!

Help your favorite volleyball gal distinguish her luggage or volleyball backpack from the rest of of her teammates, or stock up to give as a fun team gift!

5. Rings

A ring to remind her of her favorite passion! 

This is the perfect trinket for those moments off the court. It's the gift to give that allows the volleyball player in your house to show her pride that matches her passion for her favorite sport! A perfect gift for any volleyball player!

6. Earrings 

She is a stud, on or off the court!

Let's be real, these subtle volleyball inspired earrings are made for a champion. These super cute earrings make a wonderful and unique volleyball gift. They will be a meaningful piece of volleyball jewelry for her celebrate her passion for the game of volleyball for years to come!

7. Keychains 

Keychains are always cool!

Whether they drive or not...keychains are always a fun addition to backpacks or keys! They help show her personal aesthetic and we don't know of a single volleyball loving gal that doesn't embrace that! 

8. Hair Accessories 

Whether your looking for another fun stocking stuffer, want your volleyball gal to have spare hair accessories or looking for something she can gift to her teammates - hair ties ALWAYS fit the bill!

Us moms' know ALL things hair seem to be one of the very necessary things both on and off the court! Made from soft fabric and cords with excellent stretch, they can also be worn on the wrist, ready in an instant for game time!!!

9. Phone Accessories's a phone accessory - need we say more?

She is a teenager and what teenager doesn't love their phone? These accessories offers a secure grip so they can text with one hand, snap better photos, and stop phone drops. They function as a convenient stand and are available in a broad range of styles and materials. We're pretty sure it will be a Pura Vida Volleyball pleaser!

10. Stickers

QUITE FRANKLY MY DEAR…Everyone needs a sticker! 

They are perfect on the phone, car, notebook, bumper, or laptop. Pura Vida Volleyball has the largest selection of stickers. All spunky, sassy and something for everyone! What fun loving, high spirited, volleyball girl doesn’t want to see some on Christmas morning!

Ok, whewwww...we hope this stocking stuffer and gift list helps you with your holiday shopping! 

With so many great finds for incredible prices its sure to be a kill come Christmas morning. Even if you are on a budget, you can still find adorable gifts for the volleyball player in your house, that she is sure to love! 

Be inspired to live life and happy holidays from PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL!

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