The Volleyball LOVER'S Holiday Gift Guide

by Hope Elizabeth Dutton | November 11, 2021

“…whoa, Whoa, WHOA…it’s not even Thanksgiving, and we’re talking turkey about Christmas,” you ask?!?

Why yes, yes we are, and here is why! 

There are ONLY 43 shopping days till CHRISTMAS!

Have you started shopping? Because if not, now is the time!

How do us busy moms (and dads) do it???

I will tell you how!

We are smart, savvy shoppers that let Pura Vida Volleyball take the guesswork out of what Santa is going to bring the volleyball lover in your household!


You miss the crowds, get a jump on your holiday shopping, and get to take advantage of great deals. 

So to help you with your shopping, the people at Pura Vida Volleyball have created the Volleyball Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide just for you!  

I have no doubt it will help when shopping for the volleyball lover in your household because no matter who is on the list, PVV has you covered!

1. Personalized # Keychain 


Let’s face it, this has been one of our #1 sellers for many seasons, and there is a reason!

The personalized volleyball keychain is simply the perfect stocking stuffer your volleyball gal needs to make her backpack stand out from all the others. Pura Vida Volleyball carries all numbers, and it is a quick, easy way to add that personal touch to her volleyball life!

2. Socks 

Wanna know how to spread a smile!? Give socks! 

Our socks are extra comfortable, one size fits most, and we have a vast selection to choose from! Know the volleyball lover that is especially attached to their socks, as they rep their style...Pura Vida Volleyball has an extra special gift for them with the Volleyball Sock Giftbox! The recipient will receive 3 Best Seller Volleyball Sock Pairs & 1 I Heart Volleyball Keychain! 

3. Hair ties 

Whether you're looking for another fun stocking stuffer, want your volleyball gal to have extra hair accessories, or looking for something she can gift to her teammates - hair ties ALWAYS fit the bill!

Moms' everywhere know ALL things, and hair seems to be one of the essential things both on and off the court! Made from soft fabric and cords with excellent stretch. They are ready instantly for game time, and for the person who always has a hair tie around their wrist (like me), upgrade them to something that says volleyball! 

4. Canvas Volleyball 

REMEMBER...Pura Vida Volleyball is not just an apparel brand; it's a lifestyle. 

So what volleyball lovin' guy or gal wouldn't want a canvas volleyball to toss around during those down moments? Hours of fun await between game times or for the family gatherings when volleyball lovers unite! Even the littlest volleyball cutie can get in the game with the canvas volleyball.

5. Keychains

Keychains are always fantastic!

Whether they are young or old(ER), drive or not...keychains are always a fun addition to volleyball life! They help show anyone's personal aesthetic and passion for the game, and we don't know of a single volleyball-loving person that doesn't embrace that! 

6. Dri-Fits 

Performance Dri-Fit...need we say more?

For the beach volleyball lover in your life...protect their beautiful skin while still keeping them in the game of life! Anyone can playing beach volleyball with this fun performance dri-fit!  Pura Vida Volleyball's dri-fit are breathable, lightweight, and super sunny!

7. Pop It Fidget Toy 

Who doesn't get sucked in by a push, pop it bubble fidget?!?

What better gift for the fidgety person in your life. A Push Pop It Bubble Volleyball Fidget Toy is the perfect way to help them (or anyone) relieve some stress! There is sensory magic at your fingertips, with this toy logic popping game. Moms, dads, kids, players, family, friends will all enjoy the opportunity to release some pressure!

8. Hats

I've said it before and I'll say it again...

Speaking from experience on this gift, I LOVE PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL'S HATS! I have TWO in nearly all their choices. The quality, fit, style options and attention to detail are AHHHH'MAZING. I personally wear a Pura Vida Vball cap to nearly all my daughter's tourneys for a ton of game day reasons. The refs don't see me give the stink eye, they cut down on the light glare, which can give headaches, and if my hair is dirty after a day of travel - who’s gonna know with that ball cap on!? BONUS! They look SUPER cute too!!! Head to anyone of my social medias and your sure to see a picture of me in a PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL HAT! 

9. Volleyball Survival Kit 

This kit is LIFE! PERIOD POOH!!! NO CAPS!!!

I really don't need to say more, because the name itself explains it all. Yet, if I must, here goes... It's a little lifesaver no mom or girl should be without. It is a mini-pack full of must-haves, with hair ties, nail file, Chapstick and holder, stickers, keychain and lanyard, phone wallet (a daily go to), personalized keychain, and a bonus bracelet. This is the big daddy of them all! 

10. Multipurpose Zippered Volleyball Case 

Good things come in small packages!

This small zippered volleyball case packs a punch of multi-functions! It works great to hold headphones, earbuds, masks, jewelry, coins, money, and more. Possibly the most purposeful sticking stuffer, as anyone can clip it to their backpack, bag, or the beach net! I see this little joker in my daughter's future, and quite possibly mine!


I think Pura Vida Volleyball pretty much covered it!

With so many great finds for just about anyone in the household, at incredible prices - everyone is sure to score! I don't know about all you volleyball lovers, but even if you are on a budget, everyone should be able to find something for the volleyball lover in your life!

Be inspired to live life and happy holidays from PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL!

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As always...

Go in love,


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