Top 10 Volleyball Gift Ideas

By. Kyle Ohman | October 9th, 2023

10 Great Volleyball Gift Ideas: From VidaVibe Volleyball

Whether it's for a birthday, holiday, or just because, finding the perfect gift for a volleyball enthusiast has never been easier! This list of 10 great volleyball gift ideas will allow you to find the perfect volleyball gift for the volleyball lover in your life.

From personalized volleyball socks to a volleyball bath bomb, there's something for every volleyball player and every budget. With these 10 great volleyball gift ideas, you'll be sure to serve up a present that will be a hit both on and off the court.

10 Great Volleyball Gift Ideas:

Volleyball Tees

If you're looking for a great gift for the volleyball fanatic in your life, look no further than VidaVibe's collection of volleyball tees. Our tees are designed for comfort and durability, meaning you can play or cheer in them all day long.

But what really sets our volleyball tees apart is their unique designs and bold slogans. From classic styles to creative patterns, our tees are sure to show off your love for the game in style.

Volleyball Sweatshirts

If you know someone who loves volleyball, then you know that they take their passion seriously. And what better way to help them express themselves than with a stylish and comfortable volleyball sweatshirt? These VidaVibe sweatshirts come in a variety of designs and colors, each featuring an eye-catching graphic that's sure to catch attention on the court or off.

And the best part? These sweatshirts are made with high-quality materials that are guaranteed to keep you warm and comfortable, no matter the weather outside.

So whether you're gearing up for your next match or just lounging around at home, these volleyball sweatshirts are a must-have for any volleyball fan.

Volleyball Blanket

With its funky and fun VidaVibe Volleyball pattern on the front and indulgently soft white Sherpa on the back, this blanket is the perfect way to stay cozy while showing off your love of the game. Made from 100% polyester, it's ideal for chilly nights on the couch or for snuggling up in the bleachers during the game. And at 59"W x 51"H, it's big enough to wrap up in but not so large that it becomes unwieldy.

Volleyball Bath Bomb

Individually wrapped and available in two invigorating scents - Teal Eucalyptus and White Lavender - these bath bombs make for the ideal volleyball gift. The volleyball shape adds an extra touch of charm to this already delightful present.

And with a luxurious combination of cocoa butter, coconut oil, and kaolin clay, your loved ones can indulge in a spa-like experience in the comfort of their own home. Weighing in at 5 oz, the Volleyball Bath Bomb is a gift that is sure to bring joy and relaxation to any volleyball enthusiast.

Volleyball Player Survival Kit

This kit includes hair ties to keep stray locks out of your face during a game, a chapstick with a holder to ensure that your lips are always moisturized, a nail file to keep your nails neat and tidy in between games, and stickers to adorn your gear.

The kit also includes a Vidavibe Volleyball Lanyard so you don't misplace your keys, a bag tag to keep an eye on your belongings, and a volleyball bracelet and wallet. Not only does it include essential items for your next game, but it's also a lifesaver for any mishap that may occur throughout the day.

The Volleyball Player Survival Kit is the perfect stocking stuffer for young ladies or any volleyball player who always seems to be in need of something.

Volleyball T-Shirt of the Month Club

A true gift that keeps on giving, this monthly subscription service ensures that you'll receive a brand new, super soft volleyball tee every single month. And as if that's not enough, you'll also be treated to a variety of unique volleyball goodies that are sure to put a spring in your step.

Worried about a long-term commitment? Fret not, as VidaVibe lets you pause or cancel your membership anytime you want, no questions asked. So whether you're looking to surprise a loved one or treat yourself, the Volleyball Tee Shirt Club is the perfect choice!

Volleyball Christmas Ornament

With the holiday season fast approaching, it's time to start thinking about gifts for the people on your list. If you have a volleyball lover in your life, a Volleyball Christmas Ornament might be just the gift you're looking for. This 3.5" wide piece is a great way to add a touch of sports-themed decor to your tree and honor your favorite athlete.

And, if you're looking to spread some cheer this holiday season, this unique ornament is perfect for sending to your friends and family members. Celebrate the joy of the season with this one-of-a-kind volleyball ornament and create lasting memories that will warm your heart for years to come.

Volleyball Jewelry

This volleyball jewelry will allow you to showcase your love for volleyball in a fashionable way. With a range of options, including earrings, bracelets, anklets, and more, you can easily pick the perfect jewelry piece for you or your loved ones.

Plus, with a variety of colors available, you can choose the perfect color to match your team or show off your favorite color. Give the gift of unique and stylish volleyball jewelry and support your loved one’s passion for the sport.

Volleyball Socks

Not only do these volleyball socks make a stylish statement, but they are also durable enough to wear on the court. Whether you're looking for a way to amp up your own game or searching for a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member who loves volleyball, these socks are the complete package. So what are you waiting for? Add some volleyball flair to your sock game with VidaVibe's volleyball socks.

Volleyball Gift Ideas Conclusion

With this wide range of volleyball gift ideas, you should have been able to spot the perfect gift for the volleyball enthusiast that you had in mind. You will be able to put a smile on their face as you watch them open up their gift, but you can also enjoy it as they continue to enjoy these gifts for years to come.

And don't worry, we won't tell if you also decide to grab something for yourself. :)

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