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By. Kyle Ohman | November 15th, 2023

VidaVibe Volleyball and Small Business Saturday

As a small business, we are always thankful for our supporters. Whether you have been with us from the beginning or are just now learning about VidaVibe for the first time today, we are thankful for everyone who is a part of our tribe!

On this Small Business Saturday, though, we wanted to take a little time to talk more about who we are as a company, our roots, and how you can continue to support the VidaVibe Volleyball brand moving forward.

Because without you, there is no us. We exist to help grow the sport of volleyball, inspire players of all levels, and provide a clothing line that allows you to Live. Love. Play.

So take a few minutes with us this Small Business Saturday as we recount our start, give thanks for our present, and show you how excited we are for the future!

What the VidaVibe Volleyball Brand is All About

Before we get into our history, we wanted to take a couple of minutes to talk about who we are as a company for any of our new VidaVibe Volleyball Tribe members.

At VidaVibe, our mission has been to spread good vibes through our vibrant apparel designed with beach-goers and volleyball enthusiasts in mind. Our brand is inspired by the coastal state of mind and the lifestyle that embodies the phrase "Pura Vida," which is derived from Costa Rica and translated to "pure life" or "just life."

We believe in living each day to the fullest, showing up with a positive attitude, and always dreaming about our next adventure. Our "Live. Love. Play." mantra encapsulates this way of life, encouraging everyone to embrace the present moment and enjoy the genuine experiences that life has to offer.

With our apparel, we aim to inspire and empower our volleyball tribe of creators and dreamers who choose to live their best lives without worries. Join us in spreading the good vibes and representing the VidaVibe lifestyle!

The Beginning of VidaVibe Volleyball and Our Story

Volleyball has always been a passion for Jenn Cibrone, Owner and founder of VidaVibe Volleyball. After years of working for corporations and earning her MBA in Marketing, Jenn noticed a gap in the volleyball apparel market and was inspired by a mission trip to Costa Rica.

She understood that there was a demand for a niche clothing brand that would truly highlight her favorite sport, so VidaVibe Volleyball was born in 2012 (originally called Pura Vida). The company started small but made a big impact in its first year by scoring merchandiser spots at three local tournaments in the Tampa Convention Center.

Thanks to Jenn's hard work and dedication, VidaVibe Volleyball expanded quickly and had the opportunity to bring its unique products to the Northeast region within just two years. It's clear that Jenn's passion for volleyball truly fuels everything that VidaVibe Volleyball embodies. And while this was an exciting beginning, it was just that, only the beginning for VidaVibe Volleyball!

Where VidaVibe Volleyball is Now

VidaVibe Volleyball has come a long way since its inception. With the help of major influencers, talented team members such as Vibe Designer Mariah Embry, and a dedication to philanthropy through a donation partnership with local organizations that give back to the St. Pete community, the brand has grown exponentially.

With this growth and added team members, VidaVibe Volleyball has been able to create a number of great volleyball items. Whether you are looking for a specific style of clothing, jewelry, a volleyball bag, or whatever, our VidaVibe designers have been able to create some amazing pieces. Each item is created with the idea of Live. Love. Play., and it shows by how much our community raves about each item.

Our newest creation from Kevin Riley with the Big Kahuna Line is something that we are especially proud of (we highly recommend checking it out)!

With a signed partnership as the official merchandiser for 20 volleyball tournaments throughout the U.S., we are also excited to impact more people and spread the message of VidaVibe Volleyball. We are excited to continue moving forward with our message, great products, and loyal VidaVibe Tribe members.

What the Future Holds for VidaVibe and Our Community

As excited as we are about the past and where we are currently with our VidaVibe Volleyball brand and community, we are even more excited about what the future holds. We are looking forward to connecting with even more volleyball enthusiasts and fans of the game as we continue to build relationships with indoor and beach volleyball tournaments and events from the youth level all the way up to the pros.

Our message of Live. Love. Play. is for everyone, and we won't stop spreading that message!

Along with continuing to grow our community, we are equally excited about the amount of giving back that will increase as we grow as a small business. By supporting the VidaVibe Volleyball brand, you can directly help us support our local community, as well as support up-and-coming volleyball athletes.

So, as you decide what type of business you want to support on Small Business Saturday, we would love to offer you our services, and we hope that you would consider becoming part of the VidaVibe Volleyball Tribe!

From all of our team at VidaVibe Volleyball, Live. Love. Play.

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