Volleyball Intentionally Moves Forward into 2021 with a BLOG!


by Hope Elizabeth Dutton | January 1, 2021


As we leave a year full of crazy ups and downs behind us, seeking out special feels during 2021 is more important than ever for all of us at Pura Vida Volleyball!

So much has happened to our company this past 2020 year as the traveling volleyball community got ROCKED to the core. With tournament after tournament canceled, Pura Vida Volleyball was forced to slow down, take stock of what was important and decide upon a way to move our company forward with a more intentional purpose!

Lucky for us, there’s no shortage of intentional living from the company whose logo is...

“Be Inspired • Live Life”

What initially seemed like one of our WORST years, we quickly put on the positive flip by making it one of our BEST years ever after seriously taking stock of how we could transition our face-to-face company to something that could feel just as connected.

So first things first, we began cultivating our online presence and thankfully – did that ever take off! Let’s be real, we have bills to pay and mouths to feed too – so hey – what company wouldn’t be hugely grateful for that!?

Second, in the spirit of inspired and intentional living, we decided to shine a brighter spotlight on our company, what we are about, while also giving back and engaging our customers (YOU) by introducing a blog!

This blog will fully embrace our motto, “Be Inspired • Live Life” and illustrate to our customers just how invested we are in their ability to be inspired to live their life to the fullest too!

It was during 2020 that we found comfort and joy in our new intentional direction. It was the little things that kept us rooted and living life! So now our blog will be our way of creating intentional moments during 2021 to connect with our online community.

It will reflect Pura Vida Volleyball’s desire to spread the uplifting effects, as the blog will bring some of our favorite monthly on-sale finds from our company to you - our volleyball and online community, your family or gift recipient.

It’s just one more opportunity to offer up extra-useful tips for inspirational, intentional everyday living, or just extra-YOU-nique discoveries that may motivate you or that you simply can’t live without.


  1. We’ll continue to highlight some of our favorite, give back, feel-good projects and products, such as our "Grab Bags," the "Comfort Color T-Shirt Collection," the super fun and collectable "Shirt of the Month Club," our ever favorite "Stickers Packs," and our Be Inspired, Live Life, Help Others Movement, and many more.
  2. Discuss topics we feel our ever-evolving online volleyball community will be interested in reading while creating stories and tokens of positivity that have kept us going during trying times.
  3. Help us feel even more connected when we can’t always be together!


    As a result, Jenn Cibrone, the amazing originator and owner of Pura Vida Volleyball, reached out to Hope Elizabeth Dutton – current Pura Vida Volleyball Product Ambassador. Hope also happens to be a sports mom of fifteen plus years between her volleyball and basketball playin’ kids, Abby, Sadie, and Finn. Additionally, she is a full-time educator, occasional sports mom guest blogger for nationally renowned training companies such as football training company, 4th Down University and current inspirational, motivational blogger of hopeservations.com.

    Jenn sought out this overall, like-minded mom of three to jump in with assisting Pura Vida Volleyball as a regular contributing guest blogger and someone who could fully relate to the volleyball mom experience while being an actual mom on the GO! Someone who could offer up her own voice, perspective, fresh ideas, and expertise on a wide range of topics that affect us all and we similarly identify with!

    After all, who speaks “volleyball mom” better than another “volleyball mom” because let’s face it, while hugely rewarding, it can also be a pretty unique, comical, and often crazy life – no matter how much or how little you have it going on!

    Which leads to this thought…

    In a time when we are still saying HELLO to an ever evolving World Wide Pandemic even as we say GOODBYE to 2020…what intentions are you putting into motion for 2021?


    Hey! What does living intentionally even mean?

    Living intentionally means being mindful and purposeful about our health, relationships, work, and even hobbies…

    The great reward?

    A more content and happier you.

    Whoaaaa…what volleyball mom, player, or person doesn’t want to be more content and happy!?

    So Pura Vida Volleyball wants to offer up FIVE QUICK TIPS and some resources for cultivating your own specially, inspired intentional living this 2021 year.

    The hope is, you will want to intentionally create a life where you are inspired, that you love, and might help you simplify that on the go lifestyle!

    Consider this…


    How can you live a fulfilling and purposeful life if you don’t know what it is you want from life?


    You can’t!

    Pura Vida Volleyball hopes these five steps will be your priorities as you start your intentional living journey.


    Because you’ll have a concept to help form an action plan.

    Soooo…here goes!

    1. Have A Vision For Your Life– Consider what things you want more and less of in your life and how you want to feel daily to unearth the vision you have for your life, such as being happy. When you have a vision for your life, you have a concept to form an action plan around.
    2. Plan Your Time– When you schedule your time in a planner, you create a system of accountability; accountability for your time and your actions. When you have a plan written out for your day, and coming days…you are more likely to spend your time doing things that align with your vision rather than wasting time on things that don’t align.
    3. Get Rid Of Distractions– Truthfully, it is harder than ever to be intentional with our time, yet – when we remove distractions from our life, we radically free up time for meaningful thoughts, activities, and relationships. Do the hard thing and delete the unnecessary distractions from your life that bring you the least amount of joy. Need more inspiration with this? Check out Hopeservations’ article Intensely Intentional!
    4. Place More Value On Your Relationships– Being intentional with your time means that you make an effort to make time for the things that fulfill your vision. It also means that you make time for people that fulfill you too. Make genuine connections with people you know and don’t know! One of those people might align with your vision and become a valuable friend, support or resource for the future or vice versa. Rule out things, not people – because people are not things!
    5. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff– Learning how to not waste your energy and time on things that don’t matter is an invaluable lesson that everybody can benefit from. When you don’t waste your energy and time on insignificant matters, you are opening up new opportunities to spend your energy and time on things that do matter. Need an exercise in self-awareness? Click here to read Hopeservations’ What’s the Matter with Pondering What Matters and use it for valuable direction.

    The bottom line?

    Being happy and feeling fulfilled should be of high importance on your list of to-dos.

    These five inspirational, intentional living ideas are an excellent place to start and a place Pura Vida Volleyball is continuing to head as they kick off the 2021 year with high hopes for their BLOG and online community!

    Looking for even further inspiration to live an intentional life?

    You can start with Pura Vida Volleyball’s Digital eBook, 30 DAY INSPIRATION CHALLENGE!

    This eBook is chock full of tips, ideas, and ways to find the positive in all situations!

    It is also just one more reason Jenn’s collaboration with Hope for Pura Vida Volleyball’s Blog will prove to bring good vibes!


    We hope you love our new intentional direction and will join us on this journey in 2021!
    We would love and invite our online Pura Vida Volleyball community to SHARE our stories, offer comments, and help us build our online community and blog following!
    Be inspired to live life and don’t forget #beinspiredlivelife at #puravidavolleyball!
    As always - go in love,


    • Bunny

      Very proud of Hope in her new adventure with Pura Vida. 🥰

    • Latoya Moody

      Great message and goal for the new Year!

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