Going Pro: Pura Vida Volleyball is now VidaVibe Volleyball!

Going Pro: Pura Vida Volleyball is now VidaVibe!
Celebrating 10 Amazing Years with a Brand New Vibe

After months of anticipation, our team is proud to announce our official rebrand as VidaVibe! The past 10 years have been extremely transformative for Pura Vida Volleyball, allowing us the opportunity to evolve from what was once just a thought bubble in Jenn’s creative mind to one of the leading official merchandisers in the indoor volleyball tournament circuit.

In 2022, Pura Vida Volleyball is having its best year to date. As our brand grew, an interest for product expansion and broader scope of designs grew with it. While volleyball will always be at the core of the business, feeding into the momentum to move onward and upward drove the decision to expand our product line into a broader market. The team has worked very hard over the past year to find the best way to evolve the brand all while staying true to our values.

We have since landed on our new name (same inspiration with a more inclusive feel), new logo (fresh, clean and vibrant - following our clothing and accessory design direction), and updated identity.

To serve good vibes through inspiring apparel designed for lovers of a vibrant lifestyle. We design our products for active participants of life - the players, the creators, the dreamers, the doers – all those that choose to live every day to the fullest, show up with a positive attitude, and dream about their next adventure. Our tribe embraces a coastal state of mind, no matter where they reside.

The name VidaVibe is inspired by the term “Pura Vida”, used frequently in Costa Rica and translated as “pure life” or “just life”. The locals embrace this phrase as an actual lifestyle, meaning to live life with no worries. Every day is a blessing - yesterday should be left in the past and today is an opportunity for new experiences. This was the essence of Pura Vida Volleyball and still is the essence of VidaVibe.

We continue to be committed to our ongoing partnership with the Restored to Dream, a nonprofit dedicated to the rehabilitation of those who have been subjected to or at risk of sexual exploitation. 10% of our net online sales are donated to their mission each year. To learn more about our commitment to service and other organizations we help, visit our GIVING BACK page.

Our values still hold true and by being a part of the VidaVibe Tribe, each of our team members upholds these standards: 

  • STRIVE to Inspire - We motivate others with positive words, actions and designs.
  • THRIVE on Passion - We commit to pushing ourselves and others to do our best, be our best, and play our best.
  • Spread the VIBE - We promise to spread positivity throughout the world by treating our customers, teammates, and colleagues with kindness, compassion, and respect.
  • Care for our TRIBE - We use our success to pay it forward and help those in need to live better lives.

“We’re really looking forward to the future of our brand and what the next 10 years will bring. The team is excited to get creative and really embrace the core of VidaVibe – living passionately and inspiring those around us to make the most of their lives, through whatever activities they love to do.” – Jenn Cibrone, Owner & Founder of VidaVibe

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Spread the VidaVibe,

The VidaVibe Tribe



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