Pura Vida Volleyball has an obsession! Read all about it!

by Hope Elizabeth Dutton | February 15, 2021

It’s no surprise that PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL is kind of obsessed with the PINEAPPLE!

I mean let’s talk real talk about this fruit for a second…it’s the perfect fruit for all occasions and it IS naturally the QUEEN of ALL fruits because it has its very own crown!

Pineapples are also considered an expression of welcome throughout the South and are symbolic of all we appreciate in our home – friendship, hospitality, and warmth.

Anytime you walk into a home proudly displaying pineapples or they are woven throughout the home decor, you know you’ve just walked into a coastal oasis of an extremely warm and welcoming household!

Well, guess what folks…walking up to a PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL booth or ordering from them online is NO DIFFERENT!

Welcome home babeeeeee’, come on in…WE are your PEOPLE and WE have your VOLLEYBALL PRODUCTS!

Put your feet up, stay awhile - we are happy to have you - would you care for some sweet tea while we customize your daughter’s tournament shirt?

(Okay maybe not quite...but dang close!)

Turns out the pineapple is neither a pine nor an apple. It is part of the volleyball family…and so. Are. YOU!

Heck...if you’ve stumbled upon this, chances are you’re already part of a HUGE pineapple loving volleyball community!!!

The volleyball world at large…

...and PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL is the company that exudes all that welcoming coastal charm, and represent every bit of what us volleyball lovers (be it players, parents, or simply fantastic fans) look for in products!

I mean, for real…who else has three pages and 30 products dedicated to the combination of a volleyball and pineapple!?!

Not sure what I’m talking about…click here and see for yourself…

Plus, it is obvious all the people at Pura Vida Volleyball love what they do because what they do all day long is pay attention to what other people need and what they want — and make them feel welcome in the process!

I’m pretty sure that if their work began to feel like “work,” then they would think they were doing something wrong!

I have the unique benefit of walking around their booths, watching and listening to returning regulars and first-time visitors alike praise the products and all the Pura Vida Volleyball love.

As their guest blogger and fellow travel volleyball mom, I love to casually overhear people saying wonderful things!

It’s actually what made me think to write about this very topic...

The other day after taking a picture -- one mom said to me, “A lot of people come here for a tournament shirt but keep coming back because of how they feel treated!”

That told me I was on to something! These “customers” (who really are extended volleyball family) love the Pura Vida Volleyball products but they also get something that they don’t get in many other places.

So I replied, “You mean they make you feel welcomed here?” and she replied, “Yes, that is it!”

I chuckled to myself!

Feeling welcomed shouldn’t be an unusual experience, but more often than not these days, it is!

Crazy, right???

The most basic lesson of success: Make people feel welcome in sales, in normal conversations, and give them a product they feel pleased to purchase!

Think of your best friend and how you feel talking to them. Forming a community through retail, be it at travel tournaments or online means treating everyone as if they are your best friend and genuinely meaning it!

How simple is that?

When each parent that is approached to take their picture is willing and happy to do so, that shows they feel it too and have a lot of appreciation for Pura Vida Volleyball’s super products and heartfelt welcome...

...and that’s when you know a company is on to something!!!

So yes…Pura Vida Volleyball is all about the PINEAPPLE…because they are all about true hospitality – welcoming and warm to their online and travel tournament community!

See for yourself and see if you recognize any of these happy tourney faces or maybe even someone reppin’ your club from the recent Gasparilla Tournament in Tampa, Florida! If you do…be sure to share this to your social media or your club…or hey, how about just sharing it anyway!!!

Be inspired to live life and don’t forget…

Be like a PINEAPPLE! Stand tall, wear a crown, AND TRULY BE SWEET ON THE INSIDE! 

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As always…

Go in love,


  • Jole Coakley

    My daughter loves all the tournament shirts and especially all the fun volleyball designs! The staff is always so friendly when we come find them at the tournaments. We love hanging out at the Pura Vida Volleyball store at the tournaments. Thanks for all you do.

  • Ann Marie Sikorski

    Gosh I just love reading these blogs! The company and their products are very exciting. And enthusiasm is contagious!!
    Excellent 👍🏐🍍

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