2022, Pura Vida Volleyball Moves Forward


by Hope Elizabeth Dutton | January 1, 2022



We thought 2021 would be a big year, and it was…only it turns out 2022 will be even BIGGER!

So much has happened to our company this past year as the tournament schedules got back on track, then our online community exploded, along with the addition of our blog!

Layer by layer, PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL is growing, and it's pretty exciting stuff!

As a result, Pura Vida Volleyball is always taking stock of where we are and how to move our company forward with even more purpose!

Lucky for us, there’s no shortage of intentional living from the company whose logo is...

“Be Inspired • Live Life”

What was one of our WORST years back in 2020 (SEEMS FOREVER AGO) translated to a successful year in 2021, and we did our BEST to stay connected!

So first things first, we will take a look back before we move forward!

  • We continued cultivating our online presence, and thankfully – that was huge!
  • In the spirit of inspired and intentional living, we continued to shine a spotlight on what we care about while also continuing to give back to community efforts! 
  • We started our hugely popular blog (FUN FACT - did you know it hit the top 10% of ALL SHOPIFY BLOGS this past year?) as we began engaging our customers (YOU) with our blog written by a fellow volleyball mom. (teacher by day/blogger by night) Hope Dutton!
  • We got back on track with our tournament schedule. We were able to be face to face with our favorite people (ALL YOU VOLLEYBALL LOVERS) by being one of the more prominent vendors supplying tournaments, players, family, friends, and fans with their volleyball gear!
  • We added key stakeholders to our company who also embrace and celebrate our motto, “Be Inspired • Live Life” 

It is essential to illustrate to our customers just how invested we are in their ability to be inspired to live their life to the fullest while continuing to find our online voice! 

As we move forward, PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL has even bigger aspirations of creating intentional moments during 2022 to continue connecting with our FB community (think closed volleyball mom group community), email following, Instagram followers, Pinterest, our BLOG, and ever-evolving, new and exciting PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL vibes coming your way!

Those multiple platforms will reflect Pura Vida Volleyball’s continued desire to spread our uplifting voice as we continue to bring some of our favorite monthly on-sale finds from our company to you - our online volleyball community - and have we got big things in store for you!

We will continue to raise awareness in community outreaches we find meaningful and hope you know a portion of each purchase goes toward those causes! 

So whichever platform you find us on, it’s just one more opportunity for us to CONNECT and stay connected through all of 2022 so that we can offer up extra-useful tips for inspirational, intentional everyday living or extra-YOU-nique discoveries that help you stay motivated as you navigate the sometimes crazy and hectic volleyball schedule that comes your way, or offer you quality and CUTE volleyball items you can’t live without.

Last but not least, it will help us feel even more connected when we can’t always be together - because, let's be honest - we all go many different directions at once but we always want to be here for you and your volleyball needs!

So those are OUR intentions...only we would love to hear some of yours!!! This leads to this thought…

What intentions are you putting into motion for 2022?

After all, we know living intentionally means being mindful and purposeful about our health, relationships, work, and even hobbies…but let's get real...

I mean, my goodness - you volleyball moms are some seriously hustling ladies!!! I mean, if our girls are hitting the balls to make a kill...we are the ones juggling to keep them in the air...and the statement, "living life on the go," is NO JOKE!!!

So Pura Vida Volleyball wants to offer up FIVE QUICK TIPS and some resources for cultivating your own especially, inspired intentional living as you move forward in 2022!

The hope?

You will intentionally create a life where you are inspired and might help you simplify that on-the-go lifestyle!

Consider this…


How does a volleyball mom live a fulfilling and purposeful life if she isn't sure what she WANTS to fill her days with? Outside of what she NEEDS to fill her day with?


She can’t!

Soooo, Pura Vida Volleyball hopes these five steps will help guide you as you start your intentional living journey.


Well, because we care and see you, moms! You are the ladies putting everyone else first! So we think it might help realign you with yourself, and we all need some of that!

Soooo…here goes!

1. Have A Vision For Your Life
Consider what things you want more of and less of in your life and how you feel about it. As you unearth that vision you have for your life, you'll have a concept to form an action plan around.
2. Plan Your Time
When you schedule your time in a planner, you create a system of accountability; accountability for your time and your actions. Plus, it allows you to see where you have "discretionary time" that can be filled with your OWN pursuits! When you have a plan written out for your day, and coming days…you are more likely to spend your time doing things that align with your vision rather than wasting time on things that don’t align.
3. Get Rid Of Distractions
Truthfully, this is a hard one - yet we must be more judicious with our time then ever – when we remove distractions from our life, we radically free up time for meaningful thoughts, activities, and relationships. Do the hard thing and delete the unnecessary distractions from your life that bring you the least amount of joy. Need more inspiration with this? Check out Hope Dutton's article Intensely Intentional!
4. Place More Value On Your Relationships
Being intentional with your time means that you make an effort to make time for the things that fulfill your vision. It also means that you make time for people that fulfill you too. Make genuine connections with people you know and don’t know! One of those people might align with your vision and become a valuable friend, support or resource for the future or vice versa. Rule out things, not people – because people are not things!
5. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff
Learning how not to waste your energy and time on things that don’t matter is an invaluable lesson that everybody can benefit from. When you don’t waste your energy and time on insignificant "TIME SUCKS," you are opening up new opportunities to spend your energy and time on things that do matter. Need an exercise in self-awareness? PAY ATTENTION TO HOW YOU SPEND YOUR DAY AND WHERE YOU WASTE TIME (yeah this is in all caps for a reason) BECAUSE I KNOW US MOMS WORRY ABOUT EV'ERY-THING! Don't believe me, go read a FB Volleyball mom support group, you'll see! I'm not saying those things aren't important, because they are. Only maybe don't drive yourself quite so crazy over ALL those little things. Take it from one mom to another...cuz dang girl, I see you and I love you and we've got to help each other let it GO! I promise, it'll be OKAY!


Hopefully, a feeling of fulfillment, a life full of intentional and maybe not so stressed living!


These five inspirational, intentional living ideas are an excellent place to start and a place Pura Vida Volleyball is continuing to head as they kick off the 2022 year with high hopes for their own continued growth!

Looking for even further inspiration to live an intentional life?

You can start with Pura Vida Volleyball’s MAKE IT HAPPEN BOX

This super adorable inspirational box is chock full of tips, products, ideas, and ways to find the inspiration as you move forward with intentional living!

It is also just one more reason PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL will prove to bring good vibes throughout all of 2022!

We hope you love our new and improved, ever evolving intentional direction and will continue to join us, and share us out to other volleyball mom's so they may join the journey in 2022!

We invite our online Pura Vida Volleyball community to offer comments, and help us build our online community and blog following!
Be inspired to live life and don’t forget #beinspiredlivelife at #puravidavolleyball!
As always - go in love,

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