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Top 5 shoes every woman must have in their wardrobe.


Top 5 shoes every woman must have in their wardrobe.

In this era, talking about fashion without shoe is definitely incomplete; I believe everyone agrees with that.

Looking deep into fashion there are different types of shoe but only few are specially designed to lead women wardrobe, I am not saying that other shoes are not good or not properly designed, but it is just that some shoes are designed to match almost every clothes you have and fit to wear to almost every occasion.

In rating these top five shoes we consider some people who doesn’t like high heel shoes, so don’t be discourage in reading this article if you are the type, now let’s get down to the rating.


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Many people will be surprise to see Sneaker in the rating, gone are those days, when Athletes and other Sport games players only wear sneakers. Nowadays we have fashion Sneaker that can be wear on three-quarter jean, short skirt and so on. It is fit to wear to club and mini parties like birthday.


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Gladiator is one of the ancient shoes and still in vogue till date, although the shoes is not looking too magnified, but it is best shoe to wear during summer. It can be wear when you are walking down beach and when exploring street. Gladiator shoes are not only designed for women with long leg, women with short leg can also wear it too, but it recommended that people with short leg should wear short strip Gladiator.

Moccasin and Loafer:

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Moccasin and loafer are the best slip on shoe popularly wears around the world, although the two shoes looks similar to each other, but has some properties which make one differentiate one from the other. For example, Moccasins are made from single deer skin, or any soft leather and have lace. While Loafers are made from several leather pieces and have no lace. Both shoes can be wear to office, conference, seminars, and they are best wear on suits.


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Wedges are footwear with wedge heel style. It comes with lot of styles, different heights, and designed with different types of materials.

Wedges easy to walk and balance, So if you are the type that doesn’t like to wear high heel shoe due to imbalance. Wedge shoes can be wear with almost every outfits. Stiletto can be wear all the time when you understand how the material behave.


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Stilettos are shoes with thin and long heel, the heel length varies from 1 inch to 10 inches or more. Although any material is used in production of stiletto shoe but the most preferable is patent leather.

Stiletto can be little bit difficult for amateur to bear. It can be wear to elegant parties and formal event.

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