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Ladies are you facing sleepless?—5 workable ways to fall to sleep quicker.


Ladies are you facing sleepless?—5 workable ways to fall to sleep quicker.

If Ace is your diet and King is your workout then Queen is your rest.

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Without proper rest, in other words, proper sleep the optimum results of diet and workout cannot be achieved. It is during your sleep at night when your body repairs your muscles and prepares you to kick start a next day in an energized way. Unfortunately, a survey of National Sleep Foundation has reported that women are more prone to Sleepless issue as compare to men, especially when women are in their 40s. The main culprit in case of women is their hormones, which is relevant to their premenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal phase near and after 40s.
Good news after these above scary facts is that women can get quicker sleep by performing these following 5 simple steps.

⦁ Melatonin Boosting and Friendly Diet to cop sleepless:

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Melatonin is a hormone produced by our glands in the brain and it is directly related to our sleep and awakening cycles. When it comes to cop sleepless condition, reviewing your diet is the first step that you must take. As, a rule of thumb women must eat low fat and high in fibers food at least three hours before going to bed for sleep. These foods include banana rich in potassium and magnesium, chia seeds contain sleep boosting amino, tea with honey is an old-best-practice, turkey burger is a perfect full meal with tryptophan. Which helps in smooth sleep and last but not the least cherry juice quite rich in melatonin.

⦁ Exercise Enough to Avoid Deadly Weight Gain:

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As mentioned in the start that workout is your king, so women try to praise this handsome king of yours. Several new researches suggest that best prescription to sleep fast is to take sufficient doze of aerobic exercise. Only walking can increase your love for bed by going early in bed and length of quality of sleep.
Professor Kathryn Reid, PhD, of the Department of Neurobiology and Physiology at Northwestern University. Affirms that medicine free treatment is better for quality and quick sleep.

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⦁ Giving your Bed a Sleep Stimulus Value:

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Richard Wiseman, a professor and author of a book, Night School: Wake up to the Power of Sleep. States that “the key of quick sleep is to avoid associate your bed with being awake”.
Stimulus control theory describes that every single thing in life has a stimulus value. In case of bed primary and most important stimulus value must be of sleep.

⦁ Progressive Relaxation Technique:

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National Sleep Foundation recommends this technique to get your sleep in a faster way. It involves the step by step relaxation of your whole body muscles. Mayo Clinic describes this technique by contracting your muscles for 5 seconds starting from your toe and relaxing it for 30 seconds.
Repeat this process of consecutive contracting and relaxing by moving upward from your toe to ultimately your neck muscles. This progression can also be done in a reverse order from neck to

⦁ Finally, Wearing Blue-Light Blocking Glasses Before Bed:

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Blue light or wavelength that is present in sunlight is beneficial during daylight time as it enhance mood, reaction time and attention. But, this blue light turns into a lethal beast during night times when artificial lights replace the natural sun light.
Several studies have nominated this lethal beast as a culprit of causing different types of cancers, especially breast cancer in women. A Harvard based study also connects blue light in nighttime with dubieties and obesity.
Now we all know that exposure to artificial blue light during night times cannot be minimized immediately due to our social and professional online presence.

What can we do now?
Credit goes to innovating efforts of those, who introduced blue-light blocking glasses. These glasses protect your eyes from blue light and guard your melatonin hormone from any harm.
Studies have shown that not only these blue light blocking glasses have not only save melatonin from suppression but have connections with improvement of sleepless condition and mental health.

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