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Best Way to Deal With Separation Anxiety in Toddlers


Best Way to Deal With Separation Anxiety in Toddlers

Every mother wants what is great for their babies right from when they are born till they are old enough to take care of themselves.

As we all known anything that worth great have little or many challenges, one of the challenges encounter by mother is separation anxiety.

This happens when a child starts to become familiar and recognize things within their environment.

Now let’s get to how to make your child forget anything relating to separation anxiety.


Introducing new friend to your child helps in reducing anxiety in them, this let your child take mind off you and focus on playing with their new friend for sometimes.

Make sure you make them familiar with child of the same age or not too much older than them, this will make their interaction easier.

Take your time to study the character of who you are about to introduce to your child and make sure they are smart, jovial, and free from separation anxiety.

As this quality will make them understand that happiness can be found everywhere even when you are not around



One of the best ways to suppress level of anxiety in your child is taking them out to interesting places like amusement park, beach, restaurant and many more.

Separate things when you are out for fun, for example when you are at the restaurant use separate chair, separate handkerchief but let your interaction be more.

Whenever you get the chance of going out with your toddler friend, you can temporary leave them for watch at near distance to see how your child is relating.



Playing separation game with your toddler like hide and seek make them understand that parting is temporary. Always play the game with them when you have free time.

Try playing “bye bye now” in the following video and practice the video with your kid.



Most kids get scares when they about to be drop off for preschool thinking they are going to be left alone forever.

In cases like this, make your toddler adapt with short consistence drop off routine like saying good bye, wave and go.

If you have anything to discuss kindly use the comment box and don’t forget to share this post if you find it helpful.

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