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Healthy weight loss – 7 best Way to Lose Weight with bonus tips


Healthy weight loss – 7 best Way to Lose Weight with bonus tips

People finding their way on road to weight loss often purchase different product online and offline to get rid of their fat as quickly as possible.

Within some weeks or month, they lose pounds of weight and some weeks after they gain more weight than before.

Here we are going to explore everything you need to know about healthy weight loss and how you can easily lose weight naturally without having side effect on your health.

Before we move on, let me quickly tell you why you must take weight loss serious:

Apart from feeling bad about your body shape or how you get most of your bullies with your appearance. Unhealthy weight gain highly contribute to health problem like obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

This method of weight loss focus only on healthy weight loss, lose weight without affecting or having any bad side effect on your body and fit forever without gaining unwanted or unhealthy fat to your body.

Avoid Fatty Food:

As mentioned above, people gain their lost weight even more, after they stop using weight loss product. The main cause of this disaster is that people often return to their previous eating pattern which can result them in gaining more weight than before.

Instead of focusing on weight loss product, try to figure food that contain high fat in your diet, food that contribute more to your weight gain problem. To win this disaster we must avoid food that has much high fat and high sugar in them.

Overall, junk food and processed food has more influence in our fat intake let’s quickly see how:

Junk food:

These are also known as fast food that can be brought all around from workplace, on walk, and bus stops. These food have high calories and fat in them, example of this foods are potato chips, soda and more on this table with the amount of calories each contain.

Fast foods – Quantity. Serving Calories
Bean Burrito – 1 Burrito 380 cal
Fish and Chips 585 cal
Filet-o-Fish 400 cal
Big N’ Tasty – 1 Sandwich 517 cal
Burger king double whopper – 1 burger 894 cal

With high level of sugar and fat composed in fast food, people burn more calories and have extra more to burn later when they take any of fast food. This reaction trigger health diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. To avoid more or repeated weight gain, one must avoid junk food like plague.

Processed food:

Theses set of food are long known by people to have high level of sugar, calories and fats, it contains coloring and preservatives. These foods have low nutrient, like junk food it can also cause unhealthy weight gain health problem.

Today, almost every food are available as processed, from fruits like apple, orange. To very highly processed food like meat, chicken and fish.

Processed food are difficult to avoid but it is better to reduce the intake per day. For example if you take four soda per day, try to reduce it to one per day. Avoid carbohydrates processed foods like white bread, donuts, and macaroni as those food contain more calories.

Giving up on taking junk food and processed food is little bit difficult but it helps to lost pounds of weight in a month if it is avoid.

Eat Nutrient Density food:

Food that has low calories with high nutrient is perfect food for people with high weight gain. Nutrient rich food supply the body with the required nutrient needed for the body, nutrient like protein, magnesium, iron, and vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6). Not only these food have high nutrient but also satisfy the appetite.

Average weight gainer gains about 6000-7000 calories per day in foods that has low nutrient with huge calories and body fat. To lose weight quicker one must commit in habit of taking as many as possible nutrient density food.

There are many varieties of nutrient density food recipes to replace your current food and these weight loss friendly food are fast and easy to cook. Examples are chicken and spinach soup with fresh pesto, spaghetti squash with roasted tomatoes, beans and almond pesto.

These set of food has very low amount of calories that can help you decrease high calories intake and get your body in shape without missing delicious taste you get in your previous foods.

Take in More Fresh Fruits:

Fresh fruit are the source of rich natural nutrient like vitamin, manganese and folate, which is good for healthy weight loss and for maintaining good health if consume regularly.

Almost 80 percent of fruit contains as lower as 40 calories and it is recommended to eat ten or more per serving. So if you have been thinking what to replace your fast food with, I highly recommend Fruit as it is easy to walk around with.

Consume More Vegetables:

Just like fruit, vegetable is also compose of high nutrient. It is advisable to consume as many as possible low starch vegetable like spinach, carrot, and cucumber. These vegetable contains low calories which helps in reducing weight and body fat.

Food that Promote Digestion:

Foods that aids in digestion must be considered to be successful in achieving healthy weight loss, food consumed must move through the body in an optimal way. There are many foods use to improve digestion but food that has more fiber make digestion process easier.

Fiber must be taken alongside with other healthy foods to ensure the food pass through intestine with normal speed that is, not too fast, not too slow. Fiber foods include whole grain foods like brown rice, corn, and millet, Protein source foods like chicken, beef, and legumes, Seed and Nut foods like sunflower seed, almonds and pecans.

Try Weight Loss Herb:

Herb is an effective way of preventing weight gain related diseases and helps in healthy weight loss. Some herb can be easily taken with other food or mix with water to achieve great result. Before trying any herb consult your doctor to confirm if you are fit to take it with your diet. It can purchase directly from grocery stores. To get special herb for your personal need, it is best to consult herbalist.


Daily Exercise:

To get rid of unwanted fat and to maintain good health, one must take aerobic exercise serious. It’s a good practice and also recommended to dedicate 30-60 minute of your day doing exercise.

Aerobic exercise does not require any expensive setup or buying high price tag equipment. It can be practice right from where you are reading this post, i.e. walking, riding a bike, and jumping.

Bonus Tips:

  • Spend more time when chewing food.
  • Eat clean natural fruit.
  • Practice good weight loss eating plan.
  • Don’t go back to your previous eating plan.

It’s my pleasure to answer any question relating to this post. Use the comment button below to share what’s in your mind and don’t forget to share this post with your love ones if you find it helpful.


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