Volleyball Survival Kit

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MY VOLLEYBALL SURVIVAL KIT Comes with so many fun volleyball things that you must have! 

HAIR TIES: Don't let your hair get in your way. Make it an accessory on your wrist and throw up your hair when your ready to play.

CHAPSTICK & HOLDER: We believe for attractive lips, speak words of kindness because your the "balm." **Colors Vary**

NAIL FILE: To become a "well-rounded" player & just incase you have a nail emergency, nothing will get in our way of being a rockstar.

STICKERS: Stickers are so much fun. Put them on your notebook, water bottle, lap top, and more!

VIDAVIBE VOLLEYBALL LANYARD: Looking for your keys? Attach them to the lanyard for a quick find! 

BAG TAG: Keep tabs on your bag & add your contact info to the back of the bag tag!

BONUS VBALL BRACELET: Show your love for volleyball on your wrist :]

BONUS VOLLEYBALL WALLET:  Neoprene & Polyester material! Makes the perfect accessory, makeup, or clutch!

This cute survival volleyball survival kit doesn't just look good—it's a little lifesaver no girl should be without. VidaVibe has your back with its ingenious mini-pack full of must-haves. Pop it in your backpack and go (and gift one to that teammate who's always needing something—trust us, she'll thank you).  Great stocking stuffers for anyone, especially young ladies.